Company Profile
Asia Perspective is an independent management consultancy with global presence and local knowledge. We assist our clients with business advisory regarding analysis, strategy and implementation. We offer specialist services covering Supply Chain Management, Purchasing, Market Entry and Business Advisory. This includes market research and forecasts, sourcing and pricing strategy, opportunity identification, risk assessment studies etc.

Job description

    1. Work independently to design and develop templates used for data collection.
    2. Independently collect data either through interviews, surveys , desk research or other (Depending on the project’s scope, nature and requirements ).
    3. Assisting in preparing and conducting supplier/ site visits and collecting relevant data.
    4.Independently carrying out relevant analysis according to project requirements and scope.
    5. Preparing concise, accurate documents to write and delier proposals to prospective clients as well as presentation to existing clients with support from senior consultants


    1. Bachelor degree or above in finance, economics or business administration related fields.
    2. Proactive team player with the ability to work independently on project based analysis and business assessment.
    3. Strong business sense , logical and analytical , has good communication and negotiation skills while maintain good relationship with our clients.
    4.Proficiency in English and be able to make relevant PPT or report independently.


    Please submit your cover letter and CV before May 31 to