Company Profile
C (Shanghai) Trading – Power Technique is the customer center of Construction Technique Business Area in Great China. The company cover Great China (China / Hong Kong / Taiwan) for the entire product range of the Business Area, it means portable compressors, on-site generators, construction / demolition and Compaction tools, road construction equipment’s, and offer service for all these products. The company employs about 200 employees, and has his headquarter located in Shanghai, China.

Job description

  • General Function & Key Objectives: Build and execute sales plan within the area to achieve sales targets. 计划和执行所属销售区域内的销售活动,以达到销售目标。
  • Primary Responsibilities: Be responsible for pumps equipment) sales and achieve sales target in the assigned area by both direct sales and indirect network. 负责水泵设备的销售,并通过个人直销及经销商网络达到指定区域销售目标。
  • To approach new customers and distributors in the assigned industry. 在指定的行业中与新客户和经销商接洽。
  • To provide timely and accurate sales and market information to the Sales Manager. 向销售经理提供及时准确的销售和市场信息。
  • To organize technical training to key account customers and dealers. 组织对主要客户和经销商的技术培训。
  • To develop and enhance good working relationship with customers and dealers in the territory to advance the selling efforts. 与客户及经销商建立并加强良好的工作关系,促进销售工作。
  • Co-ordination with product, aftermarket, logistic and credit team. 与产品、售后市场、物流和信用团队协作。
  • To interact with aftermarket team to provide good after sales service to customers. 与售后服务团队合作,为客户提供良好的售后服务。
  • To keep relationship with logistic team to ensure machine’s delivery orderly. 与物流团队保持关系,确保机器的交货有序。
  • Communication with product team in obtaining product support. 与产品团队沟通以获得产品支持。
  • Responsible for account receivables in compliance with company credit policy. 根据公司的信用政策对应收账款负责。

Maximize customer satisfaction, increase market share and customer share; grow the sales sustainably by activities in Guangdong/Fujian/Guangxi/Hunan/Hainan province. 通过销售行动达成客户满意度最大化、提高市场份额和客户份额,在广东/福建/广西/湖南/海南省份持续增长销量。

Experience requirements

  • More than 2 years’ experience in machinery sales function. With pump or valve sales experience preferred 两年以上机械设备销售经验, 有泵或阀门销售经验优先
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skill, good teamwork spirit, self-motive, goal-oriented and energetic. 良好的人际沟通能力,良好的团队合作精神,自我激励,目标导向,充满活力。
  • Good spoken and written skill in English. 良好的英语口语和书写能力。
  • Good computer skills including Microsoft skills 良好的计算机技能,包括微软的技能。
  • Willing to travel. 愿意经常出差。

More than 2 years’ experience in machinery sales function. With pump or valve sales experience preferred 两年以上机械设备销售经验, 有泵或阀门销售经验优先

Educational requirements
College degree or above, majored in mechanical engineer or equivalent. 专科或以上学历,机械工程师或同等学历。

Personal requirements
General Work Attitude: Strong willing to win. 强烈的意愿去赢取。 Be aggressive to achieve goals argets. 积极进取去达到目标。 Thinking positive under pressure. 在压力之下保持积极心态。

Additional information
We do not discriminate based on personal characteristics or beliefs such as, for example, age, race, ethnic group, religion, gender, political opinion, marital status, maternal/paternal status, sexual orientation, or national or social origin. 我司招聘不歧视基于个人特征或信仰,例如,年龄、种族、民族、宗教、性别、政治观点、婚姻状况、母亲/父亲地位、性取向、国家或社会出身。

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